Thursday, March 7, 2013

Did you think I got lost; found another planet to live on; ran a  marathon and never came back? Wrong, wrong, wrong. I actually thought I'd stop my blog, but I guess it's still here, so why not keep adding to it.

Since I last commented there has been so many things changed in my life. Most recently I lost my baby brother to cancer. He was diagnosed 6 weeks before he died of renal cell cancer that had metastasized to his bones, lungs, lymphatic system, and brain. He didn't have chance! He had been going to a chiropractor for a few months, but got no relief for his back pain. Then, incidentally, his chiropractor mentioned that a rib had moved when it shouldn't have. On that he recommended my brother to go see his doctor and as a result the cancer was discovered. He was very brave, as was his family of wife, two daughters, and two sons. My sister, three other brothers and myself, with my husband, travelled out to Missouri to say goodbye. We all enjoyed each others company, laughed over stories of the past, met new great niece and nephews new wives, and soon to be husband of niece. Saw our brothers house; a greater than a hundred year old school house that he remodeled and made into a lovely, artistic home for his family. We shared our love with our brother, told him we will miss him, shed our tears together, wished him a pain free journey to meet up with our mother and other family member that have gone before him and we journeyed back to our own homes. I must say that the trip felt so good. I hadn't seen my brother in eight or more years and all of the siblings hadn't been together since my father died in 1997. Hospice had furnished a meal for us at his home and video taped our messages to him for us in the future and for his family. His hospice nurse was the best. She almost felt like one of the family.
Well, I feel exhausted just writing about this. He finally died exactly a week after we left. I think he was just waiting for us to come. We did and he left in peace.
Along with all of this, I had broke my leg a week after I had heard of his cancer and that crashed my plans to fly out and help him. When hearing of my brothers plans to fly out I asked my husband if he could go with me and help me. Of course he said yes. I had to go in my wheelchair. I was not strong enough to use crutches and was non-weightbearing, so the trip was very difficult. It's amazing what the airports put you through when you are in a wheelchair. I felt like I was the wheelchair terrorist disguised as an old lady with a broken leg. LOL So, even with the hardships the trip was uneventful. Managed to get to everywhere I needed. Thank you to everyone who went before me and fought for rights for disabled people!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

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Monday, September 27, 2010

September has been difficult

I haven't been around much this month.  Too much going on.  Had a great BBQ on the 4th with friends and then played Mexican Train dominos and laughed way too much.  We went on a cruise to Alaska from the 11th to 18th and had a wonderful time.  The weather was not only warm, but hot most of the time we were there.  Couldn't believe it.   We ate too much, played a lot, walked our *$#'s off, and spent way too much money.  Our room was a mini-suite with living room, bedroom and deck that held 4 deck chairs and a table.  In addition, a king size bed, full tub and space enough to hold the kitchen sink (which I think we took:).  The service was grand and the decor on the ship was exquisite.  We met so many good people from many countries and not a one was a party pooper.  One couple has already contacted us by phone.  They live in Oregon. 
The trip went well, but when we were off the ship in Ketchican we received a phone call that my DS was in the hospital with a possible stroke.  I was so scared.  He is only 33 and this couldn't happen.  We were still 2 days out from getting home and there was nothing we could do.  My sister was contacted and was there to help.  My DS's SO was there to help him and stay with him in the hospital.  It was her insightfulness that finally got him to go to the hospital to begin with.  You know how men are..."leave me alone, I'll be just fine!"  She's good!  We arrived at Seattle and my dear friend, Bonnie and her husband met us and got us home.  My DS had been discharged from the hospital, but continued to have the same symptoms.  The DR thought it was withdrawal from a med that he had stopped taking, but after the same symptoms for 5 more days I took him back to the hospital where they admitted him again and did a more thorough check and diagnosed him with viral meningitis.  By then I thought we would lose him.  He was terribly sick, but finally he got the help he needed.  He came home this last Sunday and is weak and tired much of the time, but no more head pain.  Thank goodness! 
Well...that's been my September so far. Maybe October will surpass it.  We are leaving on Halloween for Arizona.  Can't wait to feel the warm air.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Where did August go?

It doesn't seem possible that the last 3 months are pretty much gone.  School has started in most areas and this week is in the cool 60's.  They predict a verrrrry cold winter, so get the boots and gloves out, and winterize the ol' homestead. 
I haven't been doing a lot of stamping or creating lately.  Just not feeling creative.  Also, my camera is busted and DH is having it worked on as I write.  If the cost is too much it will be a NEW camera for me.  I kinda hope it doesn't get fixed.  I've had it for almost 5 years and in this day and age that makes it a dinosaur.  I want a new fandangled  When this all comes together I'll be so happy.  I am learning more every day, but still trying to figure out how to set up email accounts for those who want to make comments, but are not Google Followers or Google Friends.  Of course you will be the first to know.
My DH and I are leaving on a cruise to Alaska in less than 2 weeks.  It's our first cruise and I'm so excited I could "pee my pants ." LOL   We are both looking forward to this new adventure.  We booked excursions in every port we stop at.  This may be pushing it, but we'll never know how this works unless we try.  We're going for a week and if all works out we'll go for longer cruises in the future.  We, also, have a trip planned to Arizona in November.  A week in Tucson and a week in Scottsdale.  My DB and DSIL bought a house in Maricopa and we can't wait to see it.  They have become "snowbirds" and will spend half their time in WA state.  Lucky Duckies!  I look forward to when my DH and I start this in 3 years.  I guess getting old has some bennies. 
I hope to get closer to operating this site just a little better in the near future. 
Keep following along and I may surprise YOU!


Monday, August 2, 2010

It's a new month: August

Here it is...August already!  I have big plans today for my DGD and myself.  We're heading off to see my Dsister to have lots of fun.  I really don't know what's planned, but I'm sure it will be fun.  We plan on a lunch of Chinese food and I know that will be the start of a great couple days. 
I made some big changes to my craft room this weekend.  New cabinet for the wall to get rid of an old one my father made for his shop back in 80's.  It was for his reloading equipment.  You can imagine what that looked like.LOL  If I knew how to add pictures I would, but I haven't learned that part yet.  NEXT WEEK...  There still isn't any additional space in this room.  I am soon to become more clever in arranging...tee hee.  So far I've taken over part of our office and I think there's a little more room left in the bedroom.  My formal DR had been taken over by my sewing machine and my DS girlfriend's machine.  It's craft heaven in my house. YEA!!!  My DH can have the 3 car garage as his play area, except there's a car and Harley in there.  I'm sure he's overjoyed with the prospects.
Still waiting for followers.  I know, you out there that are my friends, don't do much in the line of blogging, so give me a call and I'll show you the ropes.  We can learn together and have lots of fun and sharing.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hello from ipaper!  I have finally started my own blog and hope to have it running smooth within the next few months.  At this point it is hit and miss.  I may miss more than I hit, but chalk it up to a learning curve.
My favorite passion is creating with paper, whether it's cards or objects or pictures.  I search for the most unique types of paper and that is hard to do, as there is so much on the market available for the masses.  With my "over abundant" supply and time, I work on many projects, but only occasionally finish them.  If this blog helps me to complete any of them, because I want to put them on line, then it is a success.  Please leave comments of encouragement or ideas to help me get this all started.  I hope to do tutorials in the future and will always give credit to the originator.  I hope to respond to as many comments as possible, but that may change later on. 
I plan on sharing all the new things I learn with my crafting tools and hope your responses can help me, too.  Thanks for stopping in and checking me out.